Rolled Collar Tan

Rolled Collar Tan

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These collars are a favourite of Dachshund owners because of their smooth interior edges, but any dog with long fur, say a Border Collie or Spaniel, or with a short, smooth coat, a Greyhound or Rottweiler, for example will also benefit from a Round Leather Collar.

Also favourite dog collar with groomers because they don’t mat the fur or cause “winging” around the collar.

Rolled collars for toy breeds and small to medium dogs are constructed with a buckle-end style, while the collars for large dogs are made in the extended D-end pattern for extra strength. Assembly is completed with a bright nickel-plated buckle and dee ring with smooth capped rivets, making this a collar that wears well year after year after year.

 Available in 3 sizes.

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